Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Science of Love: Free Online Seminar

I read recently a blog post entitled:Emotional Health – 3 signs it might be time to end your marriage. By Lisa Kift, MFT. Her signs were
1. Emotional distress with novalidation,
2. Erosion of trust with no attemptsto rebuild and
3. One or both of you havechanged significantly.

While at first glance this list seems reasonable what it fails to do is to take into account
John Gottman’s research that tells us in distressed relationships both people are
trying to make repair with the other as much or more as in non-distressed
relationships but the repair attempts are not accepted, or maybe the repair attempts
just aren’t recognized.

As a field, couple’s therapy knows a lot more about love these days then we
ever knew before. There is a new science of love and knowing about it will keep you informed,
help you with your own relationships or let you help someone you care about
improve their relationship or save a family.

Why does this even matter? Because people who are happily married have:

  • better health,
  • less disease,
  • improved emotional stability,
  • happier children who learn better and out perform children of divorce across the board,
  • feel better about themselves,
  • are happier,
  • earn more money
  • and live longer!

I’ve never met a couple yet who wanted their relationship to fail, and yes, sometimes
divorce is the best of two bad choices. But there is a third option becoming
reliably available for most distressed couples (more on this coming)…

As humans, we don’t attach, bond and create a family with the intention of breaking up.

What is this science of love?
It is a branch of couple therapy that has put together the puzzle of how to
help couples create secure bonds and lasting happiness. This science
provides knowledge about how to create security in the couple
relationship. It’s becoming more well known among therapy
professionals but the information isn’t widely known by the general
population. I want to share this knowledge with you.

Couple distress is understandable these days! And, couple distress
can be changed when even one member of the couple learns about
the science of love.

That’s why I’m offering a free online Love Seminar next week.
So, you can learn about the science of love and how you can use this
research based knowledge to help your relationship, or someone you care about.

For information about this Love Seminar go to Living In

I look forward to talking to you soon.

Here’s to a life of loving!


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